9Apr13 – Sakura Wedding Photos, Lopez Family

April 9, 2013 in Portrait

The Lopez family first contacted me early in February to ask about photos and, although I don’t specialize in family portraits, this was a rare opportunity.  In the 12 years they’ve been married, Tiane and Julian had never had wedding photos taken, so they wanted to seize the moment with photos of their family – all this in preparation for an upcoming ceremony this summer.  So… the checklist: Wedding dress?  Of course.  Dress blues?  Check.  Avid motorcycle enthusiasts/weekend instructors and a Ducati Hypermotard?  Why not!  Sakura bloom at Camp Zama, Japan?  How could I possibly say no!  Fast forward 2 months later with the cherry blossom season upon us, add a little rain for magical effect, and click on the photo to view the resulting sakura wedding photos.  Thanks to the beautiful family for sharing this day with us!

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20Mar13 Before/After

March 20, 2013 in Portrait

Shirk Before-001Shirk After-001

So I thought it would be kind of neat to see how far I’ve come with post-processing images from SOOC (Straight Out Of the Camera) RAW files, to the finished image… each photo typically takes me 15-20 minutes to process within Lightroom and Photoshop (if I’m in the zone, that is.  Out of the zone?  Sorry, but we’re talking weeks/months… just ask my TF clients) and I’m always amazed by the changes possible.  Shooting both RAW and JPEG formats gives me the ability to manipulate an information-laden 5k petabyte original file alongside the (floppy-disk-sized) JPEG file that the camera had already quaintly processed using my in-camera settings.  Click and drag the slider to see the difference a little post-processing can make!  Another one after the jump…

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31Jan13 – 2013 HKS Premium Day [Part I]

January 31, 2013 in Automotive

[IMG]HKS Premium Day 2013 at Fuji Speedway. January 27, 2013. [also posted on MotorMavens Reader’s Blog]

No question about it, Tokyo Auto Salon was every bit as exciting and massive as you have read about or seen in magazines, newsfeeds, or your frenzied youtube searches… it was a dizzying mixture of eclecticism and unadulterated performance, with a dash of innovation and requisite high speedlight-to-girl ratios. So where do you go when you’re bursting from 3 days of glut and glamour? If you were looking for relief from the bloated 7-course meal that was TAS, then HKS had Read the rest of this entry →

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