22Apr13 – On the Streets of Japan with Toni and Nate

April 22, 2013 in Portrait

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As a hobbyist photographer with a full-time day job, I’ve been very limited to the amount of time I have to juggle family life, work, and play while living in Japan.  Priorities being what they are, I’ve been slowly going mental knowing that I can’t go out and realize ideas that have been stagnating in my head for months.  One of these ideas was to capture a couple on a night shoot, walking through nearby Japanese streets and towards the local train station.  So when it came time for my parents to check-in on their yearly trip to visit the kids (free babysitters!), the stars slowly began to align.

Cue the awesome wife, Frances, for being my invaluable VAL.  Cue the beautiful, crisp evening that rolled in right on time.  Last, but not least, cue the beautiful couple – Toni and Nate – whose last photos were taken for their wedding four years ago.  I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect couple – the “unphotogenic” dotingly handsome husband and his wonderfully photogenic wife.  Together, we braved the streets, dodged cars, jumped language barriers, and briefly avoided the astonishingly unthreatening security guard.  Join us on the streets of Japan with Toni and Nate…

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