22Apr13 – On the Streets of Japan with Toni and Nate

April 22, 2013 in Portrait

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As a hobbyist photographer with a full-time day job, I’ve been very limited to the amount of time I have to juggle family life, work, and play while living in Japan.  Priorities being what they are, I’ve been slowly going mental knowing that I can’t go out and realize ideas that have been stagnating in my head for months.  One of these ideas was to capture a couple on a night shoot, walking through nearby Japanese streets and towards the local train station.  So when Read the rest of this entry →

9Apr13 – Sakura Wedding Photos, Lopez Family

April 9, 2013 in Portrait

The Lopez family first contacted me early in February to ask about photos and, although I don’t specialize in family portraits, this was a rare opportunity.  In the 12 years they’ve been married, Tiane and Julian had never had wedding photos taken, so they wanted to seize the moment with photos of their family – all this in preparation for an upcoming ceremony this summer.  So… the checklist: Wedding dress?  Of course.  Dress blues?  Check.  Avid motorcycle enthusiasts/weekend instructors and a Ducati Hypermotard?  Why not!  Sakura bloom at Camp Zama, Japan?  How could I possibly say no!  Fast forward 2 months later with the cherry blossom season upon us, add a little rain for magical effect, and click on the photo to view the resulting sakura wedding photos.  Thanks to the beautiful family for sharing this day with us!

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