31Jan13 – 2013 HKS Premium Day [Part I]

January 31, 2013 in Automotive

[IMG]HKS Premium Day 2013 at Fuji Speedway. January 27, 2013. [also posted on MotorMavens Reader’s Blog]

No question about it, Tokyo Auto Salon was every bit as exciting and massive as you have read about or seen in magazines, newsfeeds, or your frenzied youtube searches… it was a dizzying mixture of eclecticism and unadulterated performance, with a dash of innovation and requisite high speedlight-to-girl ratios. So where do you go when you’re bursting from 3 days of glut and glamour? If you were looking for relief from the bloated 7-course meal that was TAS, then HKS had Read the rest of this entry →